About Circus Elements

Circus Elements are Scott and Juliette Griffin. Formed in 2009 after Scott moved to Adelaide to marry Juliette. Ah.

Scott, for the previous 9 years co-founded, administered and performed with POG circus entertainment, a circus trio that performed at festivals all over NSW and others around Australia. He has also been a trainee store person, mobile DJ, labourer, youth worker, salesperson, clothes sorter, seed collector, radio announcer and soup kitchen hand. Scott has a degree in Environmental Horticulture and enjoys swimming in the ocean.

Juliette graduated from the Centre for Performing Arts (CPA) as a dancer, worked as a professional dancer on stage and screen, with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and on an Indian number 1 music video. She has since worked for the railway, healthfood stores, local government councils, visited the elderly and taught yoga. Juliette now has a dregree in Environmental Health and wonders why!

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