Circus Shows

Griffini Show
A 30-minute feast of riveting entertainment for all ages. Griffini juggles anything, anywhere and incorporates audience participation, unicycle stunts and other feats of utter stupidity before the great finale of riding atop a gargantuan unicycle and juggling flames of fire!
Audience: Family/Adults
Duration: 30 minutes (5-15 minute performances also available)
Space: 6m deep X 6m wide X 4m high





The Eight Legged Levitation
Always a crowd pleaser. Four men are selected randomly from the audience, and 4 camping stools are arranged into a tight square centre stage. Each man is requested to be seated on a camping stool with each facing a different direction. The men are instructed to then lay back on top of the gentleman behind them before all the stools are removed from underneath them. Lots of stomach strenght required and lots of fun.
Audience: Family/Adults
Duration: 10 minutes
Space: 4 X 4 metres

Fire Show
Two performers take you on a jouney of fire in this club swinging, sword flinging, flame throwing routine. Choreographed to music using staff, clubs, poi, sword, fire eating and fire guns. This is especially for those who wish to be transfixed by a fantastic fire performance
Duration: 10 minutes
Space: 8 x 30 metres
N.B. This is strictly an outdoor show
*Free style fire twirlers also available for indoor or outdoor venues

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