Roving Entertainment

Formal stilt characters
Dressed to please. Great characters for a  'meet and greet' to welcome guests at any event, function or party.
(Up to 3 performers available)

Special Unicycle Patrol
Severe budget cuts to the Police Force have halved the bicycle unit! Officers will be on the lookout for the flimsiest excuse to issue a fine to old and young alike and will leave their subjects flabbergasted in disbelief at the new police laws.
(Up to 3 performers available)









Let Boris Borsch and Strudel Stroganov tempt your palate. They cook anything, anywhere, anytime.
Keep children in your sights at all times! SPICEY!
(Up to 3 performers available)

Suave, sophisticated, savvy. Not to mention a talented juggler.
Great for roving through crowds for a little extra flair and a bit of cheekiness!
Also excellent for period events.









Teacher on stilts
Cranky and always right.
(Up to 2 performers available)
Costume supplied by Fancy That

Black and White
Clef has formed a solo jazz band. Without the ability to play an
instrument to save himself, he will leave the audience as confused as he is.


Christmas elf on stilts
Santas not so little helper. Bigger than life and still up to mischief.







Balloon Artists
Colourfully clad characters cleverly creating cute, crazy and captivating creatures from containers of air.

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