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CIRCOMEDIA: A mixed blend of Commedia dell’Arte, Circus and Magic.

Commedia dell’Arte resonates with all audiences because it’s based on the basic human necessities of our everyday lives. Everybody knows how it feels to be hungry, sleepy, greedy, tired, in love and all the other emotions that make us human.

“CIRCOMMEDIA” introduces up to 5 of the major Commedia dell’Arte characters (including Servants, Masters, the Lovers and il Capitano). Using physical comedy (slapstick), verbal gags (lazzi) in a semi-improvised form, this show leads the audience through the basics of Commedia dell’Arte and the basic building blocks it provides, and still provides, to modern western theatre.

Suitable for Primary Schools and High Schools.

Duration: 40 minutes (primary school), 45 minutes (high school)

Minimum space required: 2m x 3m

Sound requirements: microphone and PA (only for outside venues and big halls)

Props required: 2 tables and 3 chairs

N.B. Can be performed in either English or a mix of English and Italian

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